Dream Homes By Linda

Dream Homes By Linda

Do’s and Dont’s When Buying a Home While Under Contract

Trying To Avoid a Delay In Closing or a Possible Decline On Your Loan Approval?
Here Are Items TO DO and NOT To Do While Under Contract During Your Financing Period:

Don’t Change Jobs
Don’t Make a Large Purchase
Do Not Allow any Credit Inquires After Loan Approval
DO Keep Your Checking Account In Good Standing (Cash Deposits, Negative Balances, NSF Fee’s or Untraceable Funds Could Cause a Red Flag to Underwriters Which Could Lead To a Decline During Your Loan Application Period)
Do NOT Cosign For Anyone
Don’t Give Earnest Money Directly to a For Sale By Owner
Don’t Forget to Switch Utilities
Don’t Forget Hazard Insurance
Don’t Allow Emotions to Take Over
Don’t Make Friends with the Seller
Don’t Panic if the Appraisal Comes in Low
Don’t Ignore Lender Requirements
Don’t Do Things Alone

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